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Donald Trump canceled the North Korea summit this morning.

The North Korea summit appears to have fallen through. Trump wrote a letter to Kim Jong Un and canceled the meet this morning.

This is not a shocking turn of events. This meeting was never going to happen. At best, this is Trump canceling the meeting before Kim Jong Un could, in an attempt to make it look like a win for Trump.
Reading MaterialBloomberg:Trump Cancels Summit With North Korea’s Kim, Citing ‘Hostility’The Atlantic:Donald Trump’s Strange Letter to Kim Jong UnNPR:Trump Cancels Summit With North Korean Leader Kim Jong UnPolitico:Trump calls off historic meeting with Kim Jong Un@NBCPolitics: "JUST IN: Yonhap news agency reports that South Korea's president is convening meeting with top security officials after President Trump's North Korea announcement, and government says it is 'trying to figure out what President Trump's intention is and the exact meaning of it.'" (Twitter thread here.) This is a developing news story so... stay tuned, I guess…
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Checking back in on Westworld S2. (Spoilers.)

We're two more episodes into Season 2 of Westworld, and my concerns have not been assuaged, y'all.
We don't have a clear idea of anyone's motivations for anything, with the possible exception of Maeve.We don't have a clear idea of what the hell Delos, Inc. and Westworld are actually up to.Thanks to the first two problems, we barely have a plot. So far, we just have a series of events.
Motivation One way you get your audience invested in your story is by having characters they can engage with. Part of making your characters engaging is giving them motivations the audience can understand and relate to.

A big problem with this season is that half the characters are either hiding their motivations from the audience, or are showing a motivation, but we can't trust it because we can't establish who's acting of their own free will. Which means that the audience is left going, "What? Why? When?"

And that's interesting... for awhile. It do…

Some Asshole shot up another school this morning.

Some Asshole shot up a school in Santa Fe, Texas, this morning. Ten people were killed, including a teacher, I think. Lots of others were injured. Two suspects are apparently in custody. One is believed to be the shooter, and the other might be an accomplice. (CNN)

As always, grain of salt on the details until the dust settles. The details are often incorrect at first.

While the country is still shaken by the massacre at a Florida high school, multiple fatalities are reported after a shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) May 18, 2018
I don't know what I'm supposed to say about this. I guess I could talk about gun control or terrorism, or the alienation of young men leading to raged-out shootings. I guess I could go on Twitter and argue with idiots advancing the fascitious "What about mental health care?!" argument.

I could demand to know how many dead kids it's gonna take befor…

5TtRT: Donald Trump, Don Trump Jr., net neutrality, open floor plans & conservative conspiracy theories

Yesterday Trump referred to undocumented immigrants as "animals."

Fox News people are trying to walk it back, saying he was talking about gang members like MS-13, but we're talking about a president who called Mexicans rapists and criminals, tried to ban Muslims from coming to America, refuses to aid an expanding refugee crisis in Europe because the refugees are all brown and mostly Muslim, said that some nazis were probably fine people, and is planning to run concentration camps for kids being brought across the Mexican border to America by their undocumented parents.

We see you, Trump. We see your nasty racism, and all the Fox News talking heads and White House PR goons in the world can't hide it.

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Net Neutrality Update

UPDATE: Pop the champagne, folks, we did it!

'The Senate today voted 52-47 to disapprove the FCC’s recent order replacing 2015’s net neutrality rules, a pleasant surprise for internet advocates and consumers throughout the country.' - TechCrunch. Now we've got to get this thing through the House of Representatives, and then, somehow, get it signed by Trump. And we have to do it before this Congressional session ends in December, or we start all over again.

Celebrate today. This is a win. But get ready to make some noise tomorrow. We aren't done yet.

Today is the vote to save net neutrality. If it passes in the Senate, it'll go to the House.

@fightfortheftr: "BREAKING: Republican Senators @lisamurkowski and @SenJohnKennedy have bravely stood up to special interests to side with the vast majority of voters from across the political spectrum and have voted YES on motion to proceed to a vote to restore #NetNeutrality. Final vote soon!"

@SenMarkey: "The mo…